ParrotCash ecosystem combines the best of safety and flexibility. On one hand, you increase your profits by securely holding ParrotCash (PCH) tokens for a long period of time: on the other hand, it is quite easy to spend PCH when you need to spend it.

The biggest risk to crypto-assets is the threat of online theft, aka hacking. ParrotCash paper wallet eliminates this risk from the end-user by affording a secure offline wallet. Given the steps followed for the paper wallet, there is no way cyber hackers can steal your PCH tokens from you.

ParrotCash is a digital currency designed using Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain.

Another problem with crypto tokens is the prerequisite of internet connectivity. To transfer bitcoin, one needs to have the internet to push the transfer on the blockchain. However, ParrotCash paper wallet solves this problem in the sense that the paper wallet can be exchanged in person, just like paper money, cash or dollar bills. In this sense, it is truly digital cash: ParrotCash ecosystem aggregates the best of the digital world and the cash market. You can easily pay by exchanging the paper wallet, just like you exchange the paper money cash. Your paper wallet can be traded anonymously and off-chain at any time.

ParrotCash token is the best gift to your friends and family.  And one of the easiest ways to give a PCH token as a gift is to use the paper wallet.

Using the ParrotCash paper wallet is as easy as the following steps:

  1. Visit the portal to download the generator, secure the computer environment by running anti-virus and anti-malware software. Now, disconnect your system from the internet, and run the open the SLP Paper Wallet Folder and open the HTML file called “slpwallethtml” on your favourite browser. The program would ask you to create randomness by either moving the mouse or by typing characters from your keyboard.
  2. Keep moving the mouse or keep typing from your keyboard till the green progress bar changes from zero to 100%.
  3. In this way, you can use the client-side wallet generator to create as many SLP wallet which gives you a ParrotCash (PCH) address, which is also known as a public address, and a unique private key. For outgoing transactions from this wallet, the blockchain would ask your private key and recipient public address.
  4. Once the randomness process is complete, the HTML page will give you options to choose from one of six SLP paper wallet designs. From here you can print the paper wallet using a printer.
  5. Alternatively, the generator also offers an “advanced” settings feature that leverages BIP38 encryption. Essentially, you can add a passphrase to the paper wallet and the passphrase needs to be leveraged when you or anyone decides to spend the funds.
  6. Print the wallet on a piece of paper and use tape to hide the private key. Remember that the private key is the single most important piece of information in your ParrotCash paper wallet. Revealing the private key is just like losing all the PCH tokens. Also notice, for incoming transactions into this wallet, you only need to afford the public address. It is mathematically impossible for any hacker to guess or crack the private key using the public key.
  7. Send the PCH tokens to this wallet using the public key/ public address of the wallet.
  8. To spend the PCH tokens, simply scan the private key of the paper wallet and your tokens are transferred to the vendor or merchant. You can track the transaction of the public Bitcoin Cash blockchain