About Us

The independent team working behind the scenes are ready and working to make this project a success, a utility token. The ParrotCash team intends to support the growth of the ParrotCash Network via the permissionless and decentralized SLP Network bringing knowledge and new users of Bitcoin Cash.

Our Parrot plan:

Creating an SLP token on the Simple Ledger Protocol built on top of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain called ParrotCash. Which will be an in-network token that users will be able to send, receive in tips, faucets, airdrops, earn & pend, online-games & more.

Create a website to promote, educate, earn and spend ParrotCash and BitcoinCash by playing online games & more.

We are already speaking to various independent developers about the possibilities of integrating ParrotCash in some innovative ways.

We're in no rush to get ParrotCash on exchanges this way giving people a chance to collect a good stack & try PCH out, but it will happen eventually. There will also be a limited supply of ParrotCash available to acquire from memo.cash

The idea:

To build a vibrant community network built around ParrotCash and the use cases we create around it. Which we hope will help increase brand recognition and awareness Bitcoin Cash & SLP tokens through promotion, education and use case. We also plan to use any possible profits and reinvesting in Bitcoin Cash blockchain, ParrotCash Network and the wider ecosystem. In an attempt of introducing more users and use cases to ParrotCash, Bitcoin Cash, and the SLP ecosystem.

Who is building it?

We're a small, dedicated team are working constantly to maintain and improve the platform.

Adrian Underland

Founder and project coordinator


Co-founder and community manager


Create an SLP token that represents the ParrotCash Brand network.


Adapting websites with use cases to accept and payout in Bitcoin Cash and the native token.

Building opportunities

Provide opportunities to earn Bitcoin Cash for learning to play and using ParrotCash.


  • Provide users fun & alternative place to use their Bitcoin Cash
  • Create and provide educational information about Bitcoin Cash and SLP
  • Promote, advertise and support others that also support Bitcoin Cash

What you can do to be involved?

Acquire ParrotCash from Flipstarter or memo.cash