What is It?

ParrotCash a token utilizing Simple Ledger Protocol (or SLP) a token system on the Bitcoin Cash network with no central control running in a permission-less way. SLP tokens can be created, sent, traded, collected, sold or spent. The tokens are transferred, attached to a minimal amount of BCH per transaction. All transactions are recorded on chain, and custom token behavior can be defined using CashScript programming language.

ParrotCash is engineering its self from the ground up into a platform with some truly unique features with the aim and focus of unleashing the potential of the Simple Ledger Protocol. More details will be published soon along with a white paper and flight path. We look forward to introducing them when the time comes!

Token Allocation Summary

20% will be distributed after pre-launch Flipstarter any remaining tokens available will be placed on the memo

10% this additional amount will be used for pre-launch bonuses any remaining will also be placed on memo after the pre-launch to ensure a sufficient amount is available at fair values and give everyone a fair chance to hold PCH.

30% will be used to incentivize the ecosystem used for promotions, giveaways, faucets, tips, competitions & prizes

10% will be issued to the ParrotCash Network's development team

30% will be held and locked for future use on the ParrotCash Network and for future development.

Any funds or wallets held by the ParrotCash team will be displayed in a transparent and audit-able way for everyone to see.

Our main focus will be to find and create new and exciting ways to utilize PCH and Bitcoin Cash for ParrotCash and the wider SLP community.

To engage and have fun while bringing more adoption to the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

By using ParrotCash you too will be able to participate in enhancing Bitcoin Cash and the ever-growing SLP tokens ecosystem.

During pre-launch 20%
Reserved for bonus giveaways 10%
Used for promotions, giveaways, faucets, tips, competitions & prizes 30%
Issued to the development team 10%
Held and locked for future use 30%

Help us grow


ParrotCash is a network reward token built on top of Bitcoin Cash’s Simple Ledger Protocol. The network will allow users to learn about cryptocurrency as well as earn and spend it too.

ParrotCash token will be utilising Flipstarter. Throughout the campaign although during any part of the presale phase you may also send BCH to address:

During the second and third week of the presale, you will be able to purchase ParrotCash using Spice SLP tokens send spice to SLP address: simpleledger:pzdh9sk40khxu9aqv9lcaehnmr23q2heeg5d9vz0xl

Market Value. Price discovery will happen during the fundraising on Flipstarter depending on how much is raised between Flipstarter and the Website. Based on amount raised that will be the value of 100M ParrotCash tokens. Therefore 1 PCH will be 1/(100M/Total Donation amount) Ex. If 20 BCH is raised 100M/20=5M 1/5M=0.0000002 or 1PCH=20Sats

Distribution of ParrotCash tokens will take place three weeks after the start of the Flipstarter campaign. You will then receive the ParrotCash Token if an SLP address was provided on Flipstarter. You will also receive a bonus based on when and how much was donated.

There is no minimum donation amount. The amount of ParrotCash you will receive in return will be based on total donations plus bonuses.

Flipstarter Bonus: You will receive an additional 5% bonus ParrotCash token
Angle Donator: By donating more than 0.2 BCH or SPICE token equivalent will be eligible for a 5%

Using Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Week 1 receive a 25% bonus
Week 2 receive a 15% bonus
Week 3 receive a 10% bonus

Using Spice Token (SPICE)
You will be able to purchase ParrotCash using SPICE tokens by sending spice to an SLP address:
week 1 receive a 15% bonus
Week 2 receive a 15% bonus
Week 3 receive a 10% bonus

Android / IOS

Bitcoin.com – Web Wallethttps://mint.bitcoin.com/#/portfolio

ElectronCash SLPhttps://simpleledger.cash/project/electron-cash-slp-edition/
Windows / macOS / Linux

IF Wallet Monarchhttps://www.ifwallet.com
Android / IOS

Satochip SLP Tokenhttps://satochip.io
Hardware Wallet

ParrotCash Paper Wallet https://parrotcash.com/paperwallet/
Printable use like cash

Pokket Wallethttps://pokket.cash/

The network. Nowhere else currently will you find such a product within the SLP network. A place where anyone can go to learn about Bitcoin Cash and another cryptocurrency as well as earn it through things like social media marketing tasks, gaming, affiliate links and much more. Then also be able to spend and use it in other areas of the network we are building. Which will be ever-expanding into more as well. This is just the start. There are groups trying to do parts of what we are planning to offer, but we are trying to do this all to create a network where your not just gaming, marketing/advertising or tracking your SLP tokens you are earning ParrotCash, spreading awareness, experiencing use cases and witnessing the true potential and understand what a true cryptocurrency is capable of.

To start out you will be able to trade ParrotCash on memo.cash

Short answer no. However, you could buy Bitcoin Cash and use that or Spice token to acquire ParrotCash at places like memo.cash